Shining Stars - Teen - Tap

Shining Stars - Teen - Tap

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Tap - Tap students will not only learn dance steps, footwork, and combinations, but also learn musicality, and rhythm including counting various beats and how to listen to the music. Students will also further their knowledge of music theory and how it applies to dance.

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Class Dates September 16th to June 9th:

Shining Stars 2 (Grade 4) - Saturday 3:00pm 

Class Levels & Pre-requisites:

Shining Stars 2: Completion of Show Stars 2 & permission from your teacher. 


Dress Code:

Girls: Any Style Black Bodysuit, Dance Shorts,Beige Tights Rev #1058, Tap Shoes Bloch #301 Black

Boys: Plain White T-Shirt (no logos), Solid Black Dance/ Yoga Pants, Boy's Tap Shoes Bloch #301 Black.



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